UNIQUE ENGLISH ACADEMY was established in May 2006. In today’s modern world “ENGLISH “has become very much essential for every individual. We have seen that successful people have proved themselves by adapting to the demands of changing world and accepting its challenges. Keeping in mind, the need of every individual UNIQUE ACADEMY has introduced A COMPLETE ADVANCED SPOKEN ENGLISH TRAINING PROGRAMME. We at UNIQUE ACADEMY are providing specialized training for FLUENCY DEVELOPMENT and EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS and PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. Our UNIQUE TECHNIQUE of ADVANCED SPOKEN ENGLISH has benefitted many people to EXCEL in their POTENTIAL and choose the RIGHT CAREER. We have trained successfully more than 4500 students from different states of India. We feel great pleasure here to share our golden memories with our students during their training sessions. We at UNIQUE create a friendly atmosphere for all the students which enables them to overcome hesitation and ACHIEVE FLUENCY in a very short time. We train every student personally as per their grasping n intellectual level and solve their doubts individually in every session. ORAL PRACTICE and WRITTEN SKILLS are the important and essential parts of the course which help every student to a great extent and boost his confidence to speak in public confidently.